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ASA Firewall Training at Eduva Tech​

A firewall is a wide network device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and whether can allow or block some specific traffic based on what is described by some security rules.

Cisco (ASA) Adaptive Security Appliance, In detail this is a security combination of firewall, firewall, instruction prevention and antivirus, or Virtual Network (VPN) capabilities. We use it to provide a protective threat defense to stop all attacks before they will spread through the network.

Eduva Tech ASA Firewall Training Course will provide you whole complete knowledge of firewalls and ASA firewalls with Adaptive Security Application knowledge and a piece of cybersecurity hardware lesson. (ASA) Certification Course students will learn under Cyber Expert Trainer about how they can boost firewall, antivirus, and VPN capabilities.

Benefits of ASA Firewall Course Training at Eduva Tech

Eduva Tech (ASA) firewall training program is provided by a Networking Specialist Trainer, Students will learn under year experienced professionals. Eduva ASA firewall personalised program where students get proper attention and acquire proper knowledge for each individual in pursuing a career in networking.

The Programme is designed to teach the latest updated concepts based on tools and curriculum. And, students will get proper knowledge of networking and work practically on lab basis theory with proper guidance. Be ready for the next crucial move with us.

Why, is Eduva Tech the best platform to opt for Information Technology let’s delve into it.

IT Professional Expert Team:  Here students will learn under a Professional Industry expert trainer, They will guide you to learn from scratch and be industry-ready with all renovated skills.

Hands-On Experience:  Students will get practical knowledge with all lab tools and industry-based scenarios projects while opting for a training course.

Back-up Class Available:  Eduva Tech offers students to be always growing with the trends of industry, If students want some back-up class due to some reason, they can learn under Eduva Tech.

Eduva Tech ultimately focuses on making students industry-ready with hands-on experience.

ASA Firewall Course Outline

  • Firewall Overview
  • Firewall Techniques
  • Stateless Packet Filtering
  • Stateful Packet Filtering
  • Introducing the Cisco ASA 5500-XSeries
  • NGFW
  • Introducing the Cisco ASAv
  • Difference between UTM and NGFW
  • Using the CLI
  • Using the Cisco ASDM
  • Understanding Factory default configuration Working configuration files
  • Configuring Physical interfaces
  • Configuring VLAN interfaces
  • Redundant Interface
  • ConfiguringInterface Security Parameters
  • Naming the interface on the Security Level
  • Assigning the IP Address
  • Configuring the Static Routing
  • Routing with EIGRP
  • Routing with OSPF
  • Routing with BGP Verifying the Routing Table
  • Configuring the SSH andTelnet
  • Configuring HTTP/S
  • Understanding the NAT
  • Methods of NAT
  • Inside NAT
  • Outside NAT
  • Implementation of NAT
  • Auto NAT
  • Manual NAT
  • Types of NAT
  • Static NAT
  • Dynamic NAT
  • PAT
  • Twice NAT
  • Identity NAT
  • Inside/ Outside ACL.
  • Object ACL.
  • Life of a Packet on the Cisco
  • Transparent Mode
  • Routed Mode
  • Admin Context
  • System Context
  • User Context
  • Deployment Guide
  • ASA Failover
  • Active/Standby Active/Active
  • Verifying failover Operations
  • Clustering ASA firewall
  • Wireshark Capture
  • VPN
  • Site-to-site VPN
  • Remote access VPN
  • IKEV2
  • Deep packet inspection

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