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F5 Loadbalancer Training at Eduva Tech​

The F5 Load Balancer is a big-IP load balancer that distributes the processing and communications activity evenly across a group of servers in the network so that no single server is saturated. The BIG-IP load balancer always keeps a constant check on the incoming and outgoing traffic of the server in the server pools. It is BIG-IP software, hardware, Managed services, and cloud-based hardware and software. Eduva Tech aims to provide in-depth knowledge and recent information about F5 LTM Training with proper knowledge about loud balancers, WAF DDoS,  L4 firewall, and SSL VPN services to applications. Trainees will get to know how a proxy gives visibility into and the power to inspect, encrypt, decrypt, and control all traffic passing through the network.

Benefits of F5 Loadbalancer Training at Eduva Tech

Eduva Tech offering an F5 LTM certification course is a comprehensive program in all its aspects. It will cover basic to advanced concepts. Because it helps network managers, system engineers, and security workers in their field. Eduva Tech offering an F5 LTM certification course is a comprehensive program in all its aspects. It will cover basic to advanced concepts. Because it helps network managers, system engineers, and security workers in their field. This course is specifically designed by a field expert who has years of work experience in this field. So, trainees can learn with expert trainers with lab practice training for grantees. When students get both theoretical and practical experience, along can be a profuse action for real-world-based scenarios projects. In today’s world where everyone is living a very full-time life and can not go outside to make an extra burden on their life, taking online courses is the best decision for it. 


After completing this course students will be able to handle the difficult load-balancing situations. This F5 Load Balancer LTM Certification world is a fruitful decision to land in IT Technologies with hands-on practical experience and helpful for those who are already working as professionals in this industry to get a better hike and enhance their career or valuable asset for their organisations. Trainees will get proper and complete designed course training and lab practical access for the session. Once students get core knowledge and session access to do practical knowledge under expert trainers will be helpful to students to know how to deal with real-time industry networks to balance the traffic over the distinct tools. At the end of the day, trainees will become industries or capable of troubleshooting the problems of real-time-based devices.

Opting for F5 LTM with Eduva Tech world is the right call for getting core knowledge with industry expert trainers to keep you brazen-faced for industry. With real time based lab practical knowledge would be a right path to get in networking technology. F5 Local Traffic Manager LTM is in high demand in the industry to handle complex busy traffic solutions. Eduva Tech offers trainees will be able to take online course training at your own peace and flexible hours schedule is also obtainable.

F5 LTM Course Outline

  • BIG-IP LTM Overview
  • Licensing and the setup utility
  • Installation and Setup Labs
  1.   Lab Changing Initial IP Address
  2.   Lab Licensing The System
  3.   Lab Setup Utility Lab
  4.  Configuration Utility
  5.  Lab Configuration Backup Utility
  • BIG-IP Hardware Platform
  • What’s outside BIG-IP
  • What’s Inside BIG-IP
  • Building block of F5


  •     Node
  1. Lab using GUI
  2. LAB using CLI
  •   Pool
  1.  Lab using GUI
  2. LAB using CLI
  • Pool Members
  1.  Lab using GUI 
  2. Lab using CLI
  • Virtual-server
  1.  Lab using GUI 
  2. LAB using CLI


  • Virtual Servers & Pools
  • Network Map
  • Load Balancing Modes
  • Configuring Load Balancing
  1.   Load Balancing with Pool Members
  2. LAB using GUI & CLI


  • Ipv6 Virtual Server Configuration
  • IPv6 Virtual Server to IPv4 Backend Server Configuration
    1. LAB


  • Monitor Concepts
  • Monitor Configuration
  • Monitor Assignment
  • Monitor Status Reporting
  1.   Labs Monitor
  2.   Modified Lab Monitor 


  • Profile
  • Profile Types and Dependencies
  • Protocol Profile Types and Setting
  • Configuring Profiles
  • Configuring Parent And Child Profile


  •  Persistence 
  • Source Address Based Persistence
  1. LAB – Source Address Based Persistence
  • Destination Address Based Persistence

      2. Cookies Based Persistence

  • Cookies Based Persistence

     3. LAB – Cookies Based Persistence

  • Object Management

     4. Disabled and Enable Members


  • SSL Termination/Initiation
  • SSL profile Configuration

      1. LAB Client SSL Termination 

      2. LAB Server SSL Termination



LAB Including all the Servers And Clients & BIG-IP


  • NATs
  • SNAT
  • Auto-map
  • LAB Automap


  • iRules Concepts
  • iRules Events
  • Types of iRules
  • Different Ways To Use iRules
  • iRule Editer
  • Configuring iRules
  • LAB iRules


  • Redundant Pair Concept
  • Synchronization State and Failover
  • Redundant Pair Labs
  • Lab Redundant Pair Setup
  • Synchronization
  • Redundant Pair Communication


  • Requirements
  • Concept of High Availability
  • Fail-over Triggers
  • Fail-over Trigger Configuration
  • LAB
  • Fail-over Detection
  • LAB


  • Additional Tools And Resources
  • Logs
  • SNMP
  • iHealth
  • QKView
  • analytics
  • TCP Dumps
  • EUD
  • ASK-F5
  • BIG-IP Logging Method
  • BIG-IP Log Facilities
F5 Loadbalancer

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