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Fortinet/Fortigate Firewall Course Training

Eduva Tech Institute is offering the FortiGate Firewall Course Online as well as offline for the Fortinet NSE 4 training. In this FortiGate course training, we will provide real-time practical-based training on managing and deploying the next-generation Fortigate Firewall over the networks effectively. This Fortinet firewall training focuses on the installation and configuration of threat prevention and web filtering techniques in the networks. The training will be taken by the Network Security Experts (NSEs), which ensures that the students will get the highest level of quality in training classes. This Fortinet Course is designed for students who want to make a career in networking technology. Fortinet firewall course is the best course for network security because it is the second highest demanded technology in network security. After doing this course you will get a good job opportunity in networking technology.

Benefits of Fortinet Firewall Training​

  • As an IT professional, if you want to make a career in network security, you must enhance your skills and knowledge in network security. The Fortigate Firewall course from Eduva Tech is one the best solution for you. Eduva Tech’s Fortigate firewall course will enhance your knowledge and skill in network security, which will help you to learn the deployment and maintenance of a next-generation firewall over complex networks.
  • After completing this training you will get a real-time experience in the prevention of threats and setting up VPN on a firewall. Also, we will provide a deep understanding of the firewall so that you can troubleshoot the complex issues in the network.
  • One of the best benefits to learning the Fortinet firewall is that after doing the Fortigate course you will able to deploy, Manage and maintain the next-generation Fortigate firewall. As we know that in today’s life, cyber threats are becoming one of the major issues with organizations. Fortinet Firewall is known for its advanced threat prevention capabilities to prevent the advanced threats and capabilities to protect the organization’s network against cyber threats.
  • Completing the Fortinet NSE 4 and NSE 5 FortiManager and FortiAnalyser training, at Eduva Tech, can lead to better jobs at higher salaries in the networking domain,

Modes of Training

Online Classes

Offline Classes

On Demand Classes


Fortinet has two certification Exams:

To become certified in Fortinet Networks, you must pass the following certification:

FortiGate Certification Exam Details

    Exam Code

   Fortinet NSE-4

    Exam Level


    Exam Cost

   USD 400

    Exam Duration

   105 Minutes

    Exam Format

   Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)  &           Multiple Response

    Total Questions

   60 Questions

    Passing Score


Course Prerequisite

  • The NSE exam should be taken by anyone who wants to demonstrate their knowledge in Fortigate Firewall Networks.
  • Basic understanding of IP and Routers
  • Fundamental knowledge of Network Security Concepts
  • Graduation

Fortinet / Fortigate Firewall Training Course Outline

  • Basic-Terminology
  • Identify Malware
  • Firewall Technologies
  • About Fortinet
  • Introduction and Initial Configuration
  • FortiGate Dashboard
  • Initial Working Lab
  • Interfaces
  • Zone
  • Virtual Wire Pair
  • Administrative Access
  • DNS Server
  • Addresses Objects
  • Services Objects
  • Static-Policy-Route
  • RIP
  • OSPF
  • Routing Protocols Redistribution
  • BGP Border Gateway Protocol
  • Policies
  • Policy-Labs-MAC
  • Policy-Labs-Local User
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • NAT-Basic
  • SNAT Lab
  • DNAT Lab
  • Policy, Source, Overload NAT Lab.
  • Policy, Source, One-To-One NAT Lab.
  • Policy, Source, Fixed Port Range NAT Lab.
  • AV-Security Profiles
  • Web Filter Profiles
  • DNS Filter Profiles
  • Application Control Profiles
  • Intrusion Prevention System Profiles
  • Inspection Mode
  • NGFW Modes
  • FortiGate AD
  • Passive Authentication AD
  • Configure & Verify Virtual Domains (VDOMs).
  • Transparent Mode
  • Virtual Wire Pairing
  • Software Switch
  • SNMP Access-Lab
  • Backup and Restore
  • Configure Syslog in FortiGate Firewall.
  • VPN Concept
  • Site2Site-Policy-Based-VPN
  • Site-to-Site IPSec Route-Based VPN
  • Site-to-Site IPSec VPN Template Lab.
  • Remote Access VPN
  • Remote Access SSL VPN Web Portal Theory & Lab.
  • What is HA
  • Active-Passive Lab
  • Active-Active Lab

All you need to Know about Fortinet/ FortiGate Firewall Certification

Are you looking for the best online Fortinet Firewall Training in IT?

Look no further! You have come to right platform where you can gain or master the top firewall skills.

What is the FortiGate/ Fortinet Firewall Certification?

The FortiGate/Fortinet Firewall, known as NSE (Network Security Engineer), got developed by Fortinet one of the leading company for IT technical professionals to apply their capability for the Fortinet security fabric. The online Fortinet / FortiGate Firewall training prompts all the ranges of skills expected to hoist an IT staff credential to stand equipped for cybersecurity issues in a MNC or a business association.

What are the Levels of Fortinet Firewall Certification in IT?

The online Fortinet Firewall certification starts from NSE-1 to the advance level, i.e. the NSE-8. All the Certifications are below-

  • NSE 1-4:
    Levels 1-4 of the Fortinet certification make you capable in appreciating the threat landscape and delegating threat vectors.
  • NSE 5-8:
    Levels 5-8 of the FortiGate certification prepare you for the following-
  • Install and troubleshoot security systems.
  • Implement network security management
  • Further develop security utilizing the Fortinet firewall
  • Figure out how to incorporate FortiGate products

Eduva Tech prepares you for the NSE 4, NSE 5, and NSE 7 certifications and upgrade your skills as an IT professsional.

Are You Eligible For the FortiGate Firewall Course?

You do not need any professional degree to get admit for the FortiGate Firewall training and certification. Hence, there are no particular prerequisites. All you need is some knowledge about or working in cybersecurity, technology and an open mind to learn and stay updated.

What will you learn in the FortiGate / Fortinet Firewall course training?

A small bunch of chances open for the experts who seek after professional certificate in FortiGate Firewall. With the rising intricacy of the functioning scene and data overflow, the requirement for a security engineer to monitor and safeguard an association’s ecosystem is compulsory.

You can hope to learn the following things in the Fortinet firewall training

  • Administrate FortiGate Next-Gen firewall
    Deploy Fortinet firewall
  • Figure out how to safeguard and recognize cyberattacks using the FortiGate firewall
  • Configure FortiGate firewall
  • Manager and Troubleshoot an enterprise security foundation
  • Examine traffic through the firewall.

Thus, you can get familiar with many Skills.

Why Choose Eduva Tech for the Online FortiGate / Fortinet Firewall training?

Eduva Tech ensures that you use your utmost potential under their guidance. We outsource enormously yet comprehensively organized bunch of consolidated knowledge in our Fortinet training and prepare you for your future. We promise you to enlighten your way to your dream job through our Fortinet NSE online certification.

  • Instructor-led/ online on zoom FortiGate Certification Training
  • Expert & certified Fortinet instructors across the globe
  • Gain access to online FortiGate course preview to begin your preparation
  • Endorsed Fortinet Course material prepared by SMEs
  • Get Recorded sessions of your live classes in the online Fortinet course training
  • Get FortiGate Sample papers for exam practice
  • Course Completion Certificate provided
  • Take benefit of 1-to-1 Training
  • Training provided across many locations globally
  • User Friendly language (Hindi/English)
  • Amazing offers

Job Roles After Completing the FortiGate / Fortinet Forewall Course Training in IT

The job roles after Completing the Fortinet Firewall course training are as follows-

  1. Security Architect
  2. Cybersecurity Analyst
  3. Network Security Engineer
  4. Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst
  5. Penetration Tester
  6. Firewall Engineer
  7. Cybersecurity Trainer
  8. Firewall Administrator
  9. Vulnerability Analyst
  10. IT Risk Management Specialist

* Here we mentioned limited roles. There are many job roles after FortiGate Firewall Course training.

Salary After completing FortiGate Firewall Course

United States

USD 80,000 to USD 150,000 per year

United Kingdom

£34,000 to £70,000 per year


INR 400,000 to INR 1,100,000 per year


AUD 80,000 to AUD 130,000 per year


AED 140,000 to AED 300,000 per year


SGD 70,000 to SGD 130,000 per year

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Online FortiGate Firewall certification is worth it in 2023 and can lead to highly-paying jobs.

Yes, Both the Courses are Same.

Fortinet is a cybersecurity company which introduced FortiGate as one of its products in 2002 which was followed by other anti-spam and anti-virus softwares.

FortiGate NGFW gives automated visibility into cloud applications, IoT gadgets and consequently finds an end to end toppology view on the organization networks. FortiGate is a center piece of safety fabric and approved security protects the organization network from known and unknown attacks.

Fortinet Certification (NSE) is valid only for two years. You will need to retake the exam every 2 years to renew your certification.

Security Experts liable for planning, organization, supporting undertaking security foundation utilizing FortiGate may take this course to improve their abilities.

  • Network Security Engineers
  • Cyber Security Engineers
  • Security Professionals 
  • Network Administrators
  • NOC/SOC Engineers

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