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Digital Marketing Training at Eduva Tech​

Digital Marketing is a demanded and fastest growing industry. This is the best and latest trends of the digital marketing era.The Eduva Tech offers you to enrol for specific designed courses by professionals with all concerts based on real world scenarios to make experts in this digital marketing field. 

In this digital marketing course you will cover all various aspects such as digital marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing , email marketing and so on. Eduva Tech provides  hands-on experience with real-world based projects which will allow students to apply their knowledge and skill practically.

This will be taught by highly experienced industry professionals of this field. We personalised training program are also accessible for all individual needs of each student. Overall, The Eduva Tech provides you  a  well grounded foundation for who is excited to excel in this dynamic field.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Training​ at Eduva Tech​​

  • Digital Marketing is flourishing rapidly and it is a crucial component of any successful business strategy and companies are actively seeking skilled professionals who can manage their online presence. Eduva Tech offers extensive digital marketing course training that covers all various aspects of the field like search engine optimization, social media advertising, email marketing, etc. This training course also provides live practical training experience on real-world case studies by expert trainers.
  • The best thing about learning Online digital marketing courses by Eduva Tech is the personalized approach to learning. This program is specially designed for each of the student’s needs. The expert trainer will provide exclusive guidance and support throughout the training sessions. This personalized program is monitored by professionals to ensure that students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to become successful in this field.
  • Another advantage of this digital marketing training course is gaining practical knowledge through live practical-based projects. Students will work on projects that will simulate real-world scenarios and allow them to practice their knowledge on a practical basis by providing live projects. This practical experience is invaluable for building a strong foundation for a  career in the digital marketing field.
  • The prominent and absolute training in digital marketing with Eduva Tech in addition provides you access to a network of industry professionals. Eduva students will acquire opportunities to connect with industry-experienced professionals. Ascertain proper knowledge of updated insights and trainer guidance to succeed in this industry. The Eduva Tech Mentor network will also lead to the best opportunity for career magnification.
  • Altogether, Eduva Tech Online Training Course is properly designed and well-structured for marketing students. Eduva prepares you with a solid foundation for individuals who are seriously looking to make a career in the fastest-growing marketing skills. We personalized the approach for practical experience and make this program an excellent choice for your interest in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Course Outline

  • On-Page SEO Practices
  • Off-Page SEO Practices
  • Learn SEO Relevant Website Design
  • Learn SEO Via Best SEO Tools
  • Understand Best Link-Building Practices
  • SEO Site Audit & Algorithm Update
  • SEO Analytics


  • Know SMM History & Social Media Importance
  • Understand Community Building & Develop Facebook
    Marketing Strategies
  • a.Understand Facebook Ads
  • Understand Twitter Marketing & Types Of Twitter Ads
  • Understand LinkedIn Marketing In B2B Businesses
  • Learn YouTube Marketing
  • Understand Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat & Other
    Social Media Marketing
  • Delve Into Social Media Marketing Analytics


  • Email Marketing Basics & Evolution
  • Email Marketing – Mailing List & Organizing The Mailing
  • HTML & Text Emails
  • Newsletters Announcements & Event Invitation
  • Content & Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing Spam Compliance & How To Avoid
  • Avoid Being Blacklisted In Email Marketing
  • Service Providers, Automation & Metrics
  • Follow UPS, Tools & Email Marketing – Tips


  • Content Marketing Online Course Overview
  • Content Marketing Online Course – Content Creation &
    Targeting Customer
  • Content Marketing Online Course – Know What Blogging
  • Content Marketing Courses Online – Make Your Content
  • Content Marketing Courses Online – Content Promotion,
    Analysis, & Reporting


  • PPC Introduction
  • Ads On Google
  • Keyword List In PPC
  • Parts Of PPC Ad
  • PPC Landing Pages
  • Bidding In PPC
  • Yahoo & Bing Search Marketing
  • Measuring Results


  • Analytics Introduction
  • Web Analytics Dashboard
  • Google Analytics
  • Analytics Tools
  • Key Metrics In Google Analytics
  • Segmentation In Google Analytics
  • Web Analytics Conversions
  • Other Kinds Of Analytics
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